A participant is asked to think of a number from 1 to 52. (free choice, no force)
The performer concentrates and writes something on a business card, a prediction, which he places on the table.

The performer shows some flash cards with sums on, e.g. 12+6=   18x2=   25-9=   etc.

The participant is then asked to reveal his number (let's say it was 27)

The performer begins dealing through the flash cards showing that they all have different sums on them.
The 27th card he places on the table, next to the prediction.
This 27th card is turned over to show, for example, 13 x 3 =
The performer shows that the other cards would have yielded different results.

The participant is invited to solve the sum on the card.
The sum on the card totals, in this example 39

The performer point to his face down business card.
The one he wrote on while the participant was thinking of his sum.
BEFORE he’d written anything down.

The card is turned over.        Written on it is the number 39.      
What is it?
In a nutshell...
You write a number, unseen, on a business card
A participant also thinks of a number
You count through a deck of flash-cards to the participants number
On it is a sum, the total of which matches your number

'Back 2 School' is an ingenious way to predict a thought of number in an unusual manner.

Play it as straight mind-reading as outlined above; or put a little more story-telling into your presentation and make it a piece about being at school and realising for the first time you could read the teacher's mind.

The effect is simple to perform, involving minimal memory work.
there are no knuckle-busting moves.

The effect can be instantly repeated with a different outcome. And again......and again....
What you get
Back 2 school ELITE version. comes with a link to PDF instructions and custom pre-printed cards, in a plain white tuck box.
Forget all those Card At Any Number effects.

A secret so devious,
they look at it, but still they don't see it.

Perform in any language.
No peeks   No impressions   No difficult moves
13 x 3 =
Back view of cards
thought illusions
thought illusions
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