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thought illusions
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The Morton-Young COGNITIVE SYMBOL test book

Visionary 2.0 in a pocket-sized hard-cover book.

24 pages of  “Cognitive Symbol” tests.

The participant opens the book at any page to a random symbol.

They then read out other random symbols in an order of their choosing.

The performer will always know if they have or haven’t mentioned the name of their randomly chosen symbol.

Then the performer can reveal the exact symbol chosen

100% accurately

100% of the time

This little book with a scientific air about it, is a small enough to slip into a pocket,

yet the symbols can easily be seen from a distance.

Making this a perfect prop for walk-around or parlour performances.

The book is COMPLETELY examinable.

You could give it away at the end of your show if you wanted to.

They will find nothing at all.

Yet with it you can blow people’s minds.

COGSYM is a further take on John Morton’s brilliant Baby Book idea for use of The Visionary principle.

This book can easily be passed of as scientific test material.

The performer can use lots of psuedo-scientific themes for presenting a mind blowing effect.

COGSYM test book




test book