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thought illusions
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Ends Of The Line

Nine people choose different coloured balloons to hold in their hands.

They form themselves into a random line across the stage.

The mentalist draws attention to the colour of the balloons at each end of the line.

A box, which has been onstage and untouched from the beginning, is opened.

 Two balloons slowly rise from the box.

Exactly the same colours as the balloons at each end of the line.

Don’t want to use balloons?

No problem

You can use absolutely anything you want.

Flowers, gloves, flags, numbers, silks etc.

Can be performed for 10 people, or a theatre of 3000

Can be performed with any props at all. Or no props if you want to.

Can be customised in a practically limitless number of ways

Is adaptable to any type of presentation from the most serious, to the most comedic

Can be performed in any language

Can be performed completely naked

Can safely be repeated for the same audience

Is completely self working

The instruction PDF will be sent by Email. By a real person.

Please add to your address book to avoid the PDF ending up in your Junk or Spam box.

Ends Of The Line