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thought illusions
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The ESP testing card comes of age.

ESPy-onage will do to ESP cards what  Email did to Fax machines

Why restrict yourself to divining one symbol from a set of  5?  Imagine a set of 40 cards, each containing 7 different pieces of data.  That’s 280 pieces of information.

What if you could reveal all this information without memorising ANY of the data,.Without any cribs, nothing written down, no confederates, no pre-show…..

Close-up or stage. One-to-one, or to a whole theatre

The “Relativity System” will allow you to apparently remote view a scene, the fine details of which, are known only to one member of your audience.

The number of ways of using ESPy-onage is limited only by your imagination.

The instruction PDF will be sent by Email. By a real person.

Please add to your address book to avoid the PDF ending up in your Junk or Spam box.

ESPy-onage  II

ESPy-onage II