The ESP testing card comes of age.
ESPy-onage will do to ESP cards what  Email did to Fax machines

Why restrict yourself to divining one symbol from a set of  5?
 Imagine a set of 40 cards, each containing 7 different pieces of data.  That’s 280 pieces of information.
What if you could reveal all this information without memorising ANY of the data.
Without any cribs, nothing written down, no confederates, no pre-show…..

Close-up or stage. One-to-one, or to a whole theatre
The “Relativity System” will allow you to apparently remote view a scene, the fine details of which, are known only to one member of your audience.
What is it?
This effect is very similar to ALGEBRA (which can be found here)

Each of the ESPy-onage cards is poker sized and printed on top quality playing card stock.

Each card contains 7 pieces of data, none of which needs to be memorised.

On the reverse of each card is the exquisite marking system developed by Paralabs.
(a big thank you to Rainer and Mees at Paralabs for allowing me to use their system)

An easy to learn system allows you to reveal all the data, without having to memorise any of it.

The method even aids you in making it look like real mind reading.

Presentational possibilities are genuinely unlimited.
What you get
40 'ESPy-onage Cards' and a PDF of instructions explaining multiple routines and methods.

Routines for close-up and stage are explained in great detail.
ESPy-onage II
E S P y-onage II
thought illusions
thought illusions
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