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thought illusions
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A person makes a series of choices regarding three coins.

The performer shows that he knew beforehand, what choices the person would make.

Not only that, but that there were forces in play that ensured the person would make the exact choices predicted by the performer.

As a finale the person is shown that he/she has the power to shape his/her own future.

Proof of this power comes when the person alters the physical state of one of the coins

Miracles don’t come for nothing. So what is the downside? I hear you ask.

You will need to practice the presentation until it becomes second nature.

(I hope you do this for all your effects already)

There is a move you will need to practice (quite an easy one though)

That’s it!

If you want an effect that amazes and at the same time empowers your audience, look no further. You’ve found it!

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