Similar to another of my effects (SYMBLISTIC) this effect is aimed at those performers who use an electronic cube of some description.

Many of us use a cube or die in our presentations these days.
Whether colours or numbers, hi-tech or not, they can pack a sizeable punch if routined well and performed well.
What is it?
INCUBEIGHT a method for divining 8 separate pieces of information for each side of a cube.
That’s 48 pieces of info instead of a mere 6.

But it doesn’t stop there.

Also included is a ‘failsafe mechanism’ which will enable you to continue with your effect should all/any hi-tech methods suddenly fail mid performance.

This method alone makes the information in INCUBEIGHT a must-have for all users of such pieces of equipment.

INCUBEIGHT also caters for those who shun such hi-tech methods and prefer to keep their cubes ‘old school’

Don’t want to use a cube? No problem.
Other  ways to use INCUBEIGHT are explained in detail.
What you get
You receive a comprehensive  PDF containing printable artworks,
to get you up and running with the minimum of fuss.

Although this PDF and it’s associated artwork is aimed at performances in English……
Changing only 12 words is all that is needed to convert this to any language at all.
thought illusions
thought illusions
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