thought illusions


Mystery Performers

Effects and Materials

copyright 2014 Stephen Eric Young


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thought illusions
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As much as possible I manufacture all necessary props to accompany my effects.

I have my own in-house photo studio and printing facilities.

I also have extensive wood and paper working equipment.

This allows me to put out effects exactly as intended with minimal outside influence or interference.

Speed Reader Tarot NAAN ICEBREAKER The Visionary 2 CogSym Pho-Psy-Pro New Effects with props included PDF only Effects The Visionary 2 Trinity (Bucket List,  Going Places & Dream Date) CogSym NAAN IceBreaker Speed Reader tarot The Baby Book Who Done It Algebra Pho Psy Pro Symblistic InCubEight Free Will Coins Memory Lane ESPy-onage II Psy-Clips Ends Of The Line O. A. P. Thoughts From An Island Under Your Own Steam Click on any of the effect names or images for more information. Special Items Tempus Fugit Missing In Action Ragdale House The Baby Book The Visionary 3 Tempus Fugit 2 New Tempus Fugit Who Done It