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thought illusions
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The mystery performer introduces a collection of files from the  A.S.P.R.C. The Allied Service Personnel Record Centre

These files contains details of Allied service personnel who went Missing In Action, during WWII

Their nationality, religion, age, place of birth, where and when they went missing etc.

One of these files is chosen at random by one of your participants. They are asked to read through the file to get a feeling for the person it relates to.

The performer now begins to reveal pieces of information. First slowly and with difficulty,

but  each piece of data is verified to be correct.

More and more data is revealed and proved correct.

Nothing is written down. Nothing is spoken. The participant reads the file to themselves, and you tell them what they are reading.

40 files. +/-10 pieces of data in each file. 400 pieces of data. Reveal everything without memorising it at all.

For each M.I.A. The following information can be revealed;

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Present the revelation of the information in any  number of ways. As remote viewing. As part of an empathy presentation.

  As part of a séance. As a bizarre piece. Or as a straight mind reading routine.

The secret to doing M.I.A. justice is in the presentation of it. This is not an effect for someone just starting out as a mystery performer.

Although technically they could successfully do the effect. that’s not the same as PERFORMING it.

Each M.I.A. set is hand crafted in our secret workshop This will be a limited release and only 50 sets will be made each year.

Missing In Action

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Imagine having a spectator take all the files into another room.

They chose a file and seal it inside an envelope, and return with it.

The envelope is set in the middle of the table and never touched again.

The performer now relates a tale of heroism and danger and a serviceman that never came home.

The salient points of this tale are noted down.

A stupefying amount of detail is contained in the story, and by the end, a page full of notes has been taken down.

The envelope is opened by a spectator and all the details contained in it match exactly what was revealed in the story.

This version uses some Hi Tech wizardry, and requires the performer to own some certain hardware to make the effect possible.

The files will also be able to be used in the normal non hi-tech way, should you want, or be forced by circumstance, to do so.

For more information on this version, e mail me at the address at;

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