Imagine doing your regular one ahead routine
but  you write your predictions down in three different coloured pens.

Prediction one in
RED .  Prediction two in GREEN..  And  Prediction three in BLUE.

At the end of the routine  …….
Prediction one is correct and is written in
Prediction two is correct and is written in GREEN
Prediction three is correct and is  written in BLUE
What is it?
OAP stands for One Ahead Pens.

Most mentalists are familiar with the One Ahead principle.....
Now take it to another level!

These instructions will explain how to prepare as set of innocent Sharpies or Stabilo pens
to be able to achieve the effect described above.
What you get
O.A.P. comes in the form of a PDF.
(you will need to supply your own sharpies in three different colours)
Each O.A.P. PDF contains a series of routines using this principle,
and instructions on how to gaff your pens.

Once you have done the one-time preparation, these pens will enable a very  clean handling of a one ahead routine with the convincer of the colours matching the appropriate predictions.
O. A. P.
O. A. P.
thought illusions
thought illusions
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