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thought illusions
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Imagine a reading system that allowed the sitter to make a conscious choice of the items the system uses rather than just getting a random selection as in tarot cards, bones or dice.

The character assessment/profiling/reading can be more securely anchored to the sitter because they themselves have made deliberate choices.

Or use Pho-Psy-Pro for a remote viewing experience that will stun your audience.

Or as a tool for mind reading or body language demonstrations

Even use Pho-Psy-Pro as  a story weaving tool

The performers can make each presentation as pseudo scientific or as esoteric as he wishes.

Pho-Psy-Pro is a system rich in imagery.

The sitter has total control of the nature of the reading, you have only to interpret their choices.

No complicated learning curve as in tarot. You have only to say what you see.

65 custom printed cards.

Cleverly designed backs make the performers work simple so they can concentrate on performance.

Think of it as


and a tool for MENTALISTS

The collection of photographs has been chosen with the mentalist in mind as well as the reader.

Out Of This World effects, ESP match-up effects, spectator as mind reader effects, all are possible with Pho-Psy-Pro. And even enhanced by using it.

Why reveal a playing card when you can reveal a whole story, encapsulated in a photograph.

Each Pho-Psy-Pro package contains a 72 card deck.

(65 photographic cards plus extras) on beautiful playing card stock for easy handling.

A plush cloth carrying bag.

And a downloadable 100 page PDF user guide.

This is possibly the last mentalism product

You’ll ever need to buy

“I haven’t been this excited about a mentalism product Since I discovered nail writers” Ian Rowland

“Steve is offering you a seed, a small part of himself that you can take, and ensuring you make focus on the foundation and the elements being correct you have something that can only be described as a miracle.”

Peter Turner



Pho Psy Pro