ESPy-onage took ESP cards to a whole new level.
PICT-ionage makes the whole thing visual and adds even more revelations.

Why restrict yourself to divining one ESP symbol from a set of  5? Or one playing card out of 52?
Imagine a set of 40 photographs, each containing 10 different elements.
That’s 400 pieces of information.
What if you could reveal all this information without memorising ANY of it,.
Without any cribs, nothing written down, no confederates, no pre-show…..

An audience member spreads the photos face up over a table.
The performer spends a few seconds,
committing everything on the table to memory.
One of the photos is turned over and removed from the table.
The performer is able to access his ‘photographic memory’ ….
and describe the exact details of the missing photograph.


An audience member chooses one of the 40 photographs of a desk and it’s contents.
Without a word being spoken, or anything written down, the performer is able to “see” exactly what the audience member is seeing and describe perfectly, every element of the photo.

Close-up or stage. One-to-one, or to a whole theatre
The “Relativity System” will allow you to apparently remote view a scene, the fine details of which,
are known only to one member of your audience.
The number of ways of using PICT-ionage is limited only by your imagination. And easily too.
What is it?
PICT-ionage uses REAL photographs 100mm x 150mm  
printed on quality photographic paper.
Each photo contains 10 elements.
On the reverse of each photo is an exquisite marking system .

An easy to learn system allows you to reveal all the data,
without having to memorise any of it.

The method even aids you in making it look like real mind reading.

 Elements of the photos you will be able to remotely “see”

Whether each of two coins shows heads or tails
The colour of an envelope
The combination to a safe
Which direction a letter opener is lying
Where in a portfolio a pen is placed
A set of Initials
An ESP symbol
A Playing card
A Date
A Time
What you get
40 REAL photographs.
Each one with a secret system stamped, by hand on the back.
A PDF of instructions, routines, and suggestions.
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