The Ragdale House Affair
Almost like a séance, a chilling tale of a mysterious tragedy. The story of The Ragdale House Affair that you tell your audience, will have them on the edge of their seats.

They help form the diabolical  story, and actively participate in bringing it to life.

The jaw-dropping finale is something they will be talking about for years.
What you get
This effect is supplied in the the form of a PDF detailing the presentation and the methods.
The effect is totally customisable and can be performed in any language at all.
Performers can change the storyline if they feel some alterations may suit them better.
Various effects and or props can be incorporated into the presentation at the performer’s discretion.
This is only part one of a series of similar effects which, when released, can be linked together in an ongoing storyline.
Ragdale House
What is it?
This effect is a complete bizarre performance piece.
Ideally suited for a parlour performance, as it is written it can play for around 45 minutes.
Part séance, part psychic thriller, the performer relates a story of events at Ragdale House.
The story involves various 'effects' as plot points in the storyline, and the audience members take an active part.
None of the effects are difficult to achieve. But they are all hard-hitting pieces of mentalism/bizarre theatre.
This is as real as it can get for any audience.
An out of body experience. An old house.
A strange box. A missing girl. A fire.
thought illusions
thought illusions
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