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thought illusions
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The props are model’s ‘comp’ cards from a model agency.

Each card showing a tastefully nude (or semi-nude) image of the model.

And a list of details about them. Their profile you could say.

An audience member goes through the cards and chooses one.

A model that appeals to him (or her) for some reason.

Without the performer coming anywhere near the model’s profile card, he is able to reveal such a wealth of detail about the model that there can be no reasoned explanation.

The model’s hair and eye colour.  Age, height and nationality. Details about the model’s experience.

All can be revealed with unerring accuracy.

This effect comes complete with fantastic photographic props.

Play it as mentalism (remote viewing perhaps)

Or play it as a séance connection with a murdered photographer.

In which a participant correctly identifies which of the models murdered him.

How did the participant correctly pick that exact model from all the others? Spooky!

In Development


This effect utilises photographic props.

Some of the images contain models in artistic nude or semi-nude poses.

Therefore this effect is not suitable for under 18s

And  due to its content possibly not suitable for every performance situation

 (don’t want to shock granny now do we?)

Those concerned about image content can click this link to get an idea of the style of images that may be included.