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thought illusions
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For those times when what you need is a quick shot of ‘awesome’

The participant opens the book at any page to a random set of five tarot card images (major arcana).

They then read out the names of the five cards in an order of their choosing.

The performer gives a reading based on the order the cards were read out,

perhaps relating these to the participants past present and future.

( this is just one possible presentation, each performer is free to put their own spin on things)

The performer explains that the central image on the page is the one with most influence on the participants current situation.

Then the performer can , if he wishes,

reveal which of the symbols that were read out in a random order is this major, present influencer.

This book was designed for those times when a full reading is not a practical proposition.

A reading with this book can be done in less than 2 minutes.

This is the perfect ‘taster’ to intrigue people into coming for a full reading

The book contains 24 pages.

That’s 24 different sets of five tarot card images,

which (because they are read out in a random order) allow a multitude of different readings

The book is a small enough to slip into a pocket,

making this a perfect prop for walk-around, parlour  and impromptu situations.

The book contains 24 pages, and is COMPLETELY examinable.

You could give it away at the end of your show if you really wanted to.

There is nothing to find

Yet with it you can blow people’s minds.


The book is merely a prop with a built in secret for revealing one of the five randomly chosen tarot cards.

It does not teach how to understand tarot and/or how to give readings

To get the best from this prop, requires the performer to have knowledge of tarot cards and their meanings.

And be comfortable giving readings with them.

Speed Reader Tarot




(a book of tarot images, not a tarot deck)

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