What You Get
On A Storyteller's Night is supplied in the form of a PDF.
It includes custom artwork for performers to print their own Devil's decks.

The PDF includes ‘ready to print’ pages
(just print them out on card stock using your regular home printer.)

And ‘one card per page’ pdf version
(for taking to your local print shop, should you not wish to print your own.)

As well as a detailed storyline and methodology for the effect,
the PDF also contains various alternatives for those who would rather use regular decks,
or who do not wish to print the Devil's Decks
An old English village. A mysterious rock. A beautiful girl.
And of course the Devil!!!

A piece of bizarre storytelling magic based in truth
(the audience can research the facts of the basis of the story)

Take your audience back in time.
You and they act out the events on a dark winter evening 400 years ago.
Somebody needs to pay the Devil his due. And he’s here to collect.

A group of villagers play a deathly game of cards with the Devil himself.
All they have to do is avoid drawing the joker.
But the Devil isn’t about to leave to chance, the opportunity to grab a handful of new souls.

Fools rush in where the Devil deals the cards.
And what of the hooded stranger sat by the fireside?
Can he possibly prevent the Devil tricking the unwary villagers?

Leave your audience completely lost as to where the line between truth and legend lies.
And leave them with a finale that will take their breath away.

Simple to perform, simply enjoy telling the story, and wait for the reactions
The effect can be performed in any language at all.
The storyline can be altered to include local landmarks/details
The Devil's Deck

"On A Storyteller's Night" makes use of two decks of cards.
Regular decks can be used (a method for this is explained in
the PDF)

But to make the most of this storytelling effect,
I have designed a custom deck of cards. The Devil's Deck!!

One deck is normal, or as normal as any cards the Devil may
(see the film )
and one deck is "somewhat altered".

The Storyteller's Night PDF contains artwork in two formats,
A) for performers to print their own decks...
B) take the supplied artwork to a print shop to have them
printed and cut.

Then it is suggested that the cards are 'aged' to fit with the
Once made the Devil's deck can be used in other effects of a
similar nature.
Storyteller's Night
Custom Printed Decks
It is suggested to first buy the Storyteller's Night PDF.
Printing your own decks is the most cost-effective and rewarding way of preparing to perform On A Storyteller's Night

If however you decide you don't want to, or have no facilities for printing your own decks, you can order the 2 decks necessary to perform the effect

You will receive one regular Devil's Deck, and one gimmicked deck.
They are printed on 300gsm playing cards stock and printed to look aged.
They come shrink wrapped with no box as it is suggested that performers wrap the cards in old cloth tied with a string, to fit in with the storyline.

These decks are made to order so delivery time may be a little longer than normal.
Devil's 2 Deck set
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