Numbers and Colours are a staple presentational premise for mentalists.
And a great many use a colour cube or die of some description.

What makes a good performer different from a mediocre performer using one of these items; is the ability to make it into something more than a 1 in 6 “I guessed you colour/number”.

SYMBLISTIC has been developed to help every performer do that easily.
What is it?
Symblistic is a  utility device that fits in your wallet. It takes the form of a credit card sized chart.

It allows users of mentalists' cubes (electronic or otherwise) to elevate their effect from a 1 in 6 choice...
to a 1 in 36 choice.

A perfect accompaniment to;  MD, RD, RD mini, IO, I Cube, Whispering Die, Evolution, ColorMatch
Micro Perceptions, Probe/Rhinesense, UFO and others....

But more than that....

It also allows for the use of non-tech methods and can even be used with no cube at all.
What you get
You receive a comprehensive 25 page PDF containing;
                     Ready to print artwork for you to easily produce your own prop.
                    Thoughts and Ideas on presentations.
                    Single or Multiple participant routines.
                    Memory Aids
                    Bonus artwork and presentations.
thought illusions
thought illusions
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