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Tempus Fugit 2, like the original, is supplied as a set of two watches.

One gimmicked, the other untouched.

A beautiful anthracite colour featuring carved back and opening front cover.

The Tempus Fugit 2 watches are larger than the original Tempus Fugit.

This allows us to embed our secret something while still leaving the workings in place.

(In the original the workings needed to be removed and so the adjustment  dial on the top had to be fixed in place)

On this new Tempus Fugit 2, the adjustment dial can be turned, just like the ungimmicked one.

Harder to hide in the hand, the intention is to use this for stage work.

A group  of spectators would pass the watch between themselves.

One of them would keep it, cup it in his hands, and stand with arms outstretched.

The others would also stand with hands cupped and arms outstretched, pretending to be holding the watch.

The performer must find who really has it..

The ungimmicked watch also makes an excellent pendulum.

Tempus Fugit 2

PLEASE NOTE, TEMPUS FUGIT 2 IS A ‘PROPS ONLY’ ITEM.  AND NO EXTENSIVE ROUTINES OR METHODS ARE INCLUDED. (A description of the watches and the which hand effect are included)




From an idea by Maarten Bosmans; Made real by the mysterious Eno NOTE! You will need a ‘DETECTOR’ of some kind.  This can be high or low tech.

Apart from the differences outlined above, the watches perform exactly as the originals.

Please read the original Tempus Fugit page here, for extra information