Hi Steve, I want to tell you something...
I don't really get excited for releases much these days, but I have been performing the new visionary in my latest corporate gigs and I love it!
You created a masterpiece my friend,
this for me get the vote as best close-up mentalism release of the year!
Luca Volpe
The amount of smart thinking that has gone into the instructions is truly amazing. I don’t know if Stephen has ever had an IQ test, but I reckon he could be up there with Einstein or even, dare I say it… Carol Vorderman.
Yes, his work is that impressive!
Ian Rowland
Everything I have bought from you has been pure gold.
There's not many you can say that about!
Ewen Wilson
Nicely thought through Stephen.
I had no idea you had this out you dark horse..
Marc Spelman
"My two favourite effects at Blackpool in 2015 both came from the  wonderfully creative mind of Stephen Young at Thought Illusions."
Paul Craven
Best thing I purchased at Blackpool
was The Visionary.
Bond19 (Magic Cafe)
Stephen is an underground creative genius....... and way too modest for his own good.
Anything, and I mean anything that this guy offers to the community is very much worth looking at.
Always has a lot of time for people, and speaks his mind...... a great quality in a person!!!..... and what you see is what you get.
I have had the privilege of spending time with him, and feel privileged to call him a friend
Ian Cheetham
This is good...very, very good.
Great method, quality materials, great customer service and fair value... a recipe not found very often these days.
Well done Stephen!
Paul Fitzgerald
The DVD is one of the best instructional pieces I have seen in a long time. Congratulations on this.
Jaizon (Magic Cafe)
Good to hear you're going full time with the effects, I can't imagine what else could possibly be left in your imagination.
I'm blown away with the four I have here, I can definitely do a 60 min presentation just with these.
Thanks again mate, rare to find someone so genuinely in love and proud of their craft these days.
I'll take good care of your creations.
Jason Ward, Australia
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