In collaboration with John Morton

The brilliant John Morton has taken a mentalism principle I devised;
"The Visionary,"
and turned it into the most innocent book test ever.
A ’Can You Find” book for toddlers to start to learn words and objects.
What could be more innocent than that?

Yet a spectator can turn to any of the  ‘Can You Find’ pages…..
and by your mastery of spotting body tells and/or subtle voice fluctuations…
You can know exactly which object the participant is ‘trying to find.’

This effect is sold jointly by John and myself, each of us has a slightly different design of Baby Book.
Mine is a horizontal format book whereas John's is a vertical format book

The method and performance of the effect is the same for each version.
What is it?

This innocent little book is a small enough to slip into a pocket, yet the images can easily be seen from a distance. Making this perfect for walk-around or parlour performances.

The book is COMPLETELY examinable. You could give it away at the end of your show if you really wanted to.
They will find nothing at all.

Yet with it you can blow people’s minds.

Do a drawing duplication one on one.
Involve a whole table full of people.
Perform blindfolded.
Perform it in any language

The images are stunningly beautiful, and the book appears to be an innocent child’s book so well that John has been asked by unsuspecting people where they can get a copy for their baby.
What you get
The beautifully innocent and professionally produced Baby Book.
Hard backed with semi-gloss pages, it's a magnificent prop.

You also get written instructions on how to do a one person and a two person routine
The Baby Book
As seen on
The Baby Book I sell is a horizontal format version, whereas the one John used on Fool Us was made in vertical format
If you like this effect then check out The Visionary on which this effect was based.
The same methodology,
in the form of 40 picture cards.
Perform in any language
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thought illusions
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