The original Visionary received fantastic reviews and comments form all corners of the world.
Which, while great, also raised an issue.

Though it included instructions on how to make a version in a performer’s own language;
I was frequently getting asked to make a French version or a German version
or a Spanish version, etc by people who were maybe not so practical at making things.

So……..I decided an international version was necessary.
But how to make it work in any language was a stumbling block.

Then came that eureka moment that all creators will recognise.
I managed to develop a version that will work in any language in the world…
As well as adding even more effects possible with just The Visionary cards.

As well as the regular three phases of  The Visionary effect
V 2.0 can also be used as a story-telling deck, and an oracle or reading system.
This is on top of the OOTW and revelation of an image imagined on a blank card,
which were part of the original Visionary

I use both the original and Visionary 2.0
With either set I get around 30 minutes of killer performance from props that fit in one envelope, carried in an inside pocket
What is it?
Visionary is an effect which can be performed in any language.
It enables the performer to know what image a person has chosen simply by listening to the sound of their voice.
And in some instances with nothing spoken at all.

Nothing written down, so nothing to peek. Simple handling (can also be totally hands off)

This is one of those rare effects that can be repeated over and over again without fear of discovery.

Below are videos of the three phases of Visionary
What you get
You receive 25 Tarot sized cards, custom printed on top quality card stock.
(plus extra cards, see below)

24 Image cards and one blank faced card. (this is specifically for a certain extra effect)

The instructions are in the form of a link to a video.
The video covers effects based on remote viewing, body language reading, direct mind reading, voice tells etc.

There are totally hands off routines.
Completely blindfolded routines
One on one routines
Group routines
Visionary 2
Visionary 2 has now been replaced by Visionary 3.
  Click here for details
However, Visionary 2 is available by special order, but delivery time may be a little longer than normal

Visionary 2.0 now comes with 4 extra cards
Available as special order only
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