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thought illusions
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Second Sight

Fits in an envelope, fills a stage.

The Visionary 2.0 (Second Sight ) comes with  comprehensive video instructions and a set of tarot sized image cards

The video covers effects based on remote viewing, body language reading, direct mind reading, voice tells etc.

There are totally hands off routines.

Completely blindfolded routines

One on one routines

Group routines

Can be used close-up or on stage.

These cards have been especially developed so that each performer can have a different set-up if they wish.

They have also been created with other effects in mind.

So that they can be used for effects you may already perform.

Why a version 2.0

The original Visionary received fantastic reviews and comments form all corners of the world.

Which, while great, also raised an issue.

Though it included instructions on how to make a version in a performer’s own language;

I was frequently getting asked to make a French version or a German version

or a Spanish version, etc

by people who were maybe not so practical at making things.

So……..I decided an international version was necessary.

But how to make it work in any language was a stumbling block.

Then came that eureka moment that all creators will recognise.

I managed to develop a version that will work in any language in the world…

As well as adding even more effects possible with just The Visionary cards.

As well as the regular three phases of  The Visionary effect

V 2.0 can also be used as a story-telling deck, and an oracle or reading system.

This is on top of the OOTW and revelation of an image imagined on a blank card,

which were part of the original Visionary

I use both the original and the new versions of The Visionary

With either set I get around 30 minutes of killer performance

from props that fit in one envelope, carried in an inside pocket

No language restrictions whatsoever Even more ways to use the props than before

The Visionary 2.0

Like The Visionary? Then check out The Baby Book Or COGSYM They use Visionary 2.0 methodology in pocket book form.

The Visionary add-on cards 1- 4



Add-on cards for Visionary 2.0 . The Visionary 2.0 Add-on Cards Facebook Closed group for owners of The Visionary

The Visionary V2.0 Second Sight



The Visionary 2.0 props are supplied with a link to an online video

Four extra images to take the total cards up to 24.

This will allow you to perform the Birthday Effect

 By “Red Devil”,

Which can be found in the Thought Illusions Owners Facebook group  (See below)