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thought illusions
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Third Eye

Bigger and Smaller at the same time (it’s magic)

A custom/pro version of The Visionary.

Developed as a private commission for one of the Worlds’ TOP mentalists, the mysterious “C”.

This has been a closely guarded secret for four years .

Now “C” has now given his consent to release this to the mentalism community.

BIGGER; Visionary 3 has been expanded to 40 cards rather than 20 (plus 12 extra cards for add-on effects)

SMALLER; Visionary 3.0 has been shrunk to poker size rather than tarot size.

Why a version 3.0

When I developed Visionary 2.0, I was asked by one of the World’s top mentalism performers  (who wishes to be referred to only as “C”)

To make a custom set for him.

He had certain ideas that required more cards than Visionary 2.0

I agreed to keep this “custom” version secret for as long as C wanted.

On Christmas day 2016 I got a message from C, saying he was now happy for the custom Visionary to be released to the wider mentalism community.

I have tweaked it slightly, and added a couple of extra features.

I’m sure this will be as big a hit as Visionary 1 and 2.

Still no language restrictions whatsoever

The Visionary 3.0

Like The Visionary? Then check out The Baby Book Or COGSYM They use Visionary methodology in pocket book form. Facebook Closed group for owners of The Visionary

The Visionary V3.0 Third Eye



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The Visionary 3.0 props are supplied with a link to an online video COMING SOON Specially designed backs tell the performer not only the identity of a card, but also that of the cards above, and below it Planned release date, Early March 2017 Same Visionary methodology THIRD EYE