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thought illusions
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Thoughts From An Island

This is  a collection of routines from a working pro.

5 Effects that are as fun to perform as they are to watch.

Focusing on entertainment and fun, these effects are equally suitable for close up, parlour or stage .

Using novel ways to reveal predictions and thoughts, they bring out the light hearted side of mentalism.

Scary Movie

A prediction using props from a movie, that shows the performer knew which DVD would be chosen from a selection of well known horror titles.

Bride of Dracula

A routine using a stack of business cards, that ends with a novel revelation proving the performer knows what character the participant is thinking of.

Psychic Hotline

A routine using a cell/mobile phone in which a complete stranger knows the thoughts of someone they have never met.


A prediction using old postcards that ends in a joke at the performer’s expense.. Before a kicker turns the tables and proves he knows his stuff after all.

Its The Real Thing

A prediction effect using a bottle of coke zero in which a chosen card is predicted in a most unexpected way.

Thoughts From An Island

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By George Rumsey

Thoughts From An Island