There are many methods available to enable us to secretly obtain some piece of information.
Do we NEED another one? Probably not.
But this isn’t a new method. It’s not even a method at all.

Think of it as pimping your IMP pad.
What is it?
This is a way to utilise an existing method in a very practical way.

It involves taking the devious "STEAM" methodology...
and setting it up in a way to enable a whole evening, possibly weeks, of performances without having to re-set.

It is a set-up that is perfect for the strolling performer and is equally at home on stage.

As innocent looking as anything you have seen. Once you try this out you will love it.
What you get
You receive a PDF explaining how to take the "STEAM" principle and, using only items from your local stationer, construct a devious yet innocent looking device that will give a continuous stream of secret knowledge.
Under Your Own Steam
Under Your Own Steam
Important Note
This manuscript is only of use to people who are familiar with the “STEAM” principle.
It describes a set-up that has been developed to take maximum advantage of this method.


If you are not familiar with the STEAM principle
then you will need to do some research  before this manuscript will benefit you.
thought illusions
thought illusions
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