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thought illusions
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 You know that game CLUEDO?

 My granddad invented that you know.

 Well actually, he said it was stolen from him.

 He had an idea for a game and took his idea to a few companies, but none were interested.

 Except one. And they said

 “We’d love to take your idea, but unfortunately we are already working on something almost identical ourselves.”

 Now whether that was true or not we’ll never know,

 but less than a year later,

 CLUEDO appeared on the market.

 I never saw the actual board that my granddad made,

 but my mother found a box,

 with some of the cards he designed.

    Here, take a look…….

Everyone knows Cluedo (or Clue for those in the U.S.)

I have been busy developing an effect along the same lines as the great game.

The cards contain custom images, 9 different suspects  9 different rooms  9 different weapons

The participants will choose a suspect, a room and a weapon and place these in an envelope, just as in the real game.

The performer can now;

The cards make it possible for the performer to know which suspect, which room and which weapon have been chosen.

No moves, no electronics, nothing but the cards and envelope

INTERNATIONAL  (perform in any language)

The images on the cards have been carefully selected to be instantly recognisable.

This makes Who Done It suitable for performance in any language.

There will be a one-time set-up required, which is very simple.

Everything necessary is supplied in the Who Done It package


Who Done It



The WHO DONE IT set, comes with ; 27 custom cards, envelopes,  and special pen  (this is only necessary for the one-time set-up) Also a link to a 35 page Instruction PDF.
A comprehensive set of instructions and routines